Nague Malic Magnawa & Associates Customs Brokers provides

    Customs Brokerage Services
    Customs Broker Consultation Services
    International Trade and Logistics

Other services include:

    Duty Drawback and Refunds Processing
    Securing Permits from Regulatory Agencies
    Compliance Audit Under the Customs Post Audit Entry System
    Accredited PEZA Special Economic Zones & Freeport Clearance Provider
    Handling of Customs Seizure/forfeiture cases
    Filing of Customs protest and abandonment
    Providing technical support in Customs Post-entry audits
    Securing duty and tax endorsements from the Department of Finance and other regulatory government agencies
    Processing of Importer’s Accreditation at the Bureau of Customs
    Providing special and customized trainings and seminars for customs brokers and traders