NMM Celebrates its 10th Anniversary of Compliance Beyond Borders


Specialized in delivering professionals services in customs, tariff, international trade , logistics and consultancy services, Nague Malic Magnawa and Associate
Customs Brokers marks its 10th year in providing compliance beyond borders to its loyal clients. The grand feast of celebration
happened at the Marriot Hotel, Manila on April 7, 2017.

"A toast for more decades of success! NMM's Partners and managers with VIP's offered a toast
for more years of leading the Customs Brokerage Industry in the Philippines"

Direct clients and other gusests joined the night filled with entertainment as NMM employees with the celebrity brothers, Joshua and Jason Zamora
slammed the dance floor with production number. The program also includes the launching of the newest innovation of NMM, the MODEL (Modern Online
Declaration Electronic Lodgment ) System.

Talented NMM employees together with Zamora Brothers grooved to a dance
number to make the night an extra special one

"Integrity and ethical service are our commitment to all of you and to our dealings and practices," said NMM's Managing Partner, Atty. Ferdinand Nague. With all the support given by its clients, the entire Nague Malic Magnawa and Associate Customs Brokers is confident to stay on top for another
decade and more on its promise of providing compliance beyond borders.